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COVID-19 is in condition to remain active, according to the latest scientific research, between three and four weeks and to remain in high concentrations in the air for minutes at a distance of more than 2 meters. The fact that the hotel room is free of bacteria and viruses improves the well-being and tranquility of guests. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, hotels around the world are announcing various cleaning and prevention programs to reassure guests and increase their occupancy rate. In addition, the disinfection of the SPA & Wellness aras is of critical importance.

The features included in the SPA and Wellness facilities, which are difficult or impossible to disinfect (such as SPA pools with termal and healing characteristics), are the source of multiple specific issues and, usually, demand high level of water circulation in order the quality of the water to be properly maintained. A requirement for the achievement of plausible disinfection with a biocidal chemical of any sort is the need of oxidizers in the treated water to be satisfied, including the provision of enough amount of chemicals.


  • Disinfection of air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Disinfection of rooms, common areas and other service rooms
  • Sterilization of bed linen by cold washing with ozone
  • Disinfection of uniforms
  • Disinfection of luggage
  • Contact disinfection with ozonated water
  • Disinfection of hotel vehicles
  • Disinfection of SPA areas and pools
  • Disinfection of food storage warehouses (meat, vegetables, fruits, beverages)


The most common measures include increasing the frequency of cleaning of the established public areas, increasing the number of available chemicals for manual disinfection ( use of specialized cleaning products and training teams in protective protocols). The universal and efficient application of ozone systems and their easy-to-operate activity makes this method suitable for use in an otherwise difficult to maintain hotel environment, associated with disinfection of all nature and scale of air and hard-to-reach surfaces.

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The ozone is, arguably, the most powerful and effective oxidizer and disinfecting material, which is particularly effective and applicable towards the sanitizing of SPA facilities and pools. It oxidizes different substances (such as THM predecessorts) and microorganisms (disinfection), as – doing so – it minimizes the need of chlorine. The reduced need of chlorine usage allows hotels to achieve full water disinfection with less amount of chlorine particles.

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The ozone water disinfection method is an essential aspect of our professional expertise and activity for more than 27 years, with a track record consisting of more than 200 completed and implemented ozone generator systems across the world. Considering the current state of the global pandemic, OZONOLA is aiming to contribute to the process of combating and overcoming the on-going battle by designing and developing a variety of different scientifically-established, ozone-based products and services that are intended to minimize or completely prevent any potential negative outcomes caused by the existing epidemiology crisis.