Public buildings


The ventilation of a building is a critical factor for the distribution and spread of viruses and bacteria in closed spaces, as researches show that the re-circulated air can lead to a higher risk of infenction in Covid-infected places.

While the conditions presented by the highly-populated cities can boost the spread of viruses and diseases, such as the coronavirus, the buildings that we inhabit can act as the important baries, which can prevent the unwatend pollution, when optimized accordingly. Ozonola operates with an established disinfection algorithm utilizing great amounts of ozonated air infused in buildings, office spaces and governmental and public establishments.


  • Disinfection of public areas
  • Disinfection of ventilation systems
  • Odor removal
  • Hygiene of buildings and facilities that have suffered disasters


The disinfection process of a building includes the combination of preparing the respective zone and placing and launching the ozone-generated mechanism in it, after selecting the appropriate ozone concentration.

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Ozonola also offers an integrated system for decontamination of buildings, which infuses ozone in the HVAC system through an ozone generator, ozone concentration detector and machine regulator, which achieve and control the successful disinfection concentration in the respective zone.

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The ozone water disinfection method is an essential aspect of our professional expertise and activity for more than 27 years, with a track record consisting of more than 200 completed and implemented ozone generator systems across the world. Considering the current state of the global pandemic, OZONOLA is aiming to contribute to the process of combating and overcoming the on-going battle by designing and developing a variety of different scientifically-established, ozone-based products and services that are intended to minimize or completely prevent any potential negative outcomes caused by the existing epidemiology crisis.