In terms of technology, the ozone generation is performed by ozone generators. These devices produce the gas of ozone by transforming and enriching cold ambient air with electricity. The generators use dry air or pure oxygen as a gas source, as the oxygen molecule is divided into two oxygen atoms by adding high electric voltage, which creates a new molecule with three oxygen atoms – ozone. The produced ozone gas is used as a disinfectant, as its efficiency coefficient allows the achievement of a complete clinical sterilization. This scientifically-based technology for production of a strongly oxidizing substance, suppressing the overgrowth and the spread of the pathogens, contributes actively to maintaining high levels of hygiene and disinfection of the surrounding environment.

Certification :

To its customers, OZONOLA offers not only the necessary equipment and technical support, but also all complimentary services related to the use of the technology:

1. Audit of the existing hygiene practices.
2. Preparation of hygiene plans and measures for increased hygiene
3.Establishment of protocols and procedures for hygienic safety.
4. Staff training and certification.

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The ozone water disinfection method is an essential aspect of our professional expertise and activity for more than 27 years, with a track record consisting of more than 200 completed and implemented ozone generator systems across the world. Considering the current state of the global pandemic, OZONOLA is aiming to contribute to the process of combating and overcoming the on-going battle by designing and developing a variety of different scientifically-established, ozone-based products and services that are intended to minimize or completely prevent any potential negative outcomes caused by the existing epidemiology crisis.