Problem: The seats and windows in the public transport (buses, trolleys, trams and metros) are being touched every day by numerous different people, who present the threat of possessing and spreading different infections, viruses and bacteria (Norovirus, Influenza Virus, SARS Virus или Coronavirus Covid-19) in their surroundings.

The significant amount of passengers, who travel every day, present the threat of transferring pathogens that can remain active on the respective premises up to 72 hours, as – in the current global pandemic – the created by such developments risk is even higher.The quick, reliable and effective method for disinfection is the only solution that makes sense for the transport infrastructure in such circumstances.


  • Disinfection of compartments and cabins
  • Disinfection of buses
  • Tram disinfection
  • Trolley disinfection
  • Disinfection of trains
  • Dry seat washing
  • Eliminate odors
  • Disinfection of private cars


In comparison with the standard chemical disinfection, which require additional personnel and expenses towards consumabes, the ozone treatment provides numerous advantages.

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The disinfection time for travel compartments, cabin or other similar, instensely attended zones is significantly reduced with this method for disinfection, which means that different cycles of disinfections can be performed simultaneously. Even the usually surfaces that are difficult to reach and disinfect for the standard methods for disinfection are easily reachable for the ozone mechanism.

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The ozone water disinfection method is an essential aspect of our professional expertise and activity for more than 27 years, with a track record consisting of more than 200 completed and implemented ozone generator systems across the world. Considering the current state of the global pandemic, OZONOLA is aiming to contribute to the process of combating and overcoming the on-going battle by designing and developing a variety of different scientifically-established, ozone-based products and services that are intended to minimize or completely prevent any potential negative outcomes caused by the existing epidemiology crisis.