Warehouses, Logistics Centres and Containers


Chemical and biological smells often predominate in warehouses, logistics centers and shipping containers and can lead to cross-contamination of goods close to each other, leading to financial losses. This type of smells require a broad-based, green technology capable of handling large spaces. Smells in containers are a serious problem due to their diverse origins.

For example, a textile transport container this week may be put into service for food next week and an accumulation of smells may occur from both. In addition, the presence of microorganisms will also contribute to smells problems. Cleaning the space, whether it is a warehouse or a container, requires all surfaces to be treated accordingly, since the process of simply “masking” with fragrances can lead to additional accumulation of smells or contamination of future shipments.




Intelligent logistics operators already use high-performance ozone generators that completely eliminate smells in warehouses and shipping containers by destroying biological and chemical pollutants and their source. Ozone is a widely based sanitation sollution and one of the most effective oxidants in nature, as it treats everything that comes in contact with it, by breaking down VOCs and biological contaminants, thus eliminating smells and their respective source.

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Ozonola’s generators supply significant amount of pure ozone, the most effective smells eliminator. The ozone is being broken down to pure, breathable oxygen after treatment, leaving no dangerous chemical residues behind. During treatment, the container or warehouses should be unoccupied and the area should be ventilated before re-entry, however the smells will be completely eliminated in a short period of time.

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The ozone water disinfection method is an essential aspect of our professional expertise and activity for more than 27 years, with a track record consisting of more than 200 completed and implemented ozone generator systems across the world. Considering the current state of the global pandemic, OZONOLA is aiming to contribute to the process of combating and overcoming the on-going battle by designing and developing a variety of different scientifically-established, ozone-based products and services that are intended to minimize or completely prevent any potential negative outcomes caused by the existing epidemiology crisis.